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Updated 6/25/20

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1) It's the day before a tournament and you've broken your last foil wire. You need a new one fast to rewire that 2nd weapon, or you can't compete.

2) You really want gear, but don't want to wait two weeks or more for it to be shipped from New York.

3) Other suppliers in your area have been bought out of wires, screws, tips, etc.

What can you do?

Call H.O.M.!

Located on the grounds of SwordPlay Fencing Studio in Burbank, our purpose is to provide a local source for fencing equipment.

To that end, we set up shop at tournaments at local events in the Southern California Division ('cause that's where we are!), as well as Orange Coast, San Bernardino, and local high school and collegiate events, but heck, we'll sell anywhere!

Let's face it...most fencers do little, if any, maintenance on their gear until the day or so before a local tourney, and if you've ever had to do a warp speed foil rewire between pools and DE, or even simply change a tip, you know how stressful it can be, particularly if you've only got two weapons. That's why you must a) be prepared earlier in the week or 2) have a reliable supplier for those at-the-wire repair jobs.

That's why we're here...because we've been there.


What does H.O.M. stand for?

Yeah, I've been asked that one a lot. It originally dates back to my high school marching band days. We were the Monarchs, and the show announcer would say (as we were coming off the field) "This has been another H.O.M. production!" It meant "Home of the Monarchs"...but the band always said it really meant "Home of the Maladjusted."

Today, it stands for "Home of Mischief." Yes, I named my company after my cat. What did you expect from me :)

A few pictures of her are below.

Sam Signorelli

Owner, H.O.M. Fencing Supply