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Updated 1/1/18

2 Wrapping a body cord

12 Body cord repairs

Various vids to pass on armory tips & tricks.   Stay tuned...more to come!

11 Making an acetone pipe

14 Assembling a sabre 

9 Mask and glove checks

26 Re Underarm protectors

5 Wiring a foil blade

21 Mask strap repair

25 Getting through the control line

Inside an epee point

13 Setting up a strip

3 Taping a foil blade

22 Covering the mask tongue

4 Wiring an epee blade

16 Cutting the tang

7 Uhlmann reel spring issue

19 Sewing a lame patch

24 Damaged cable guides

15 Cleaning the tips

17 Washing the lame, mask, or sabre glove

1 Introduction

6 Weapon assembly

20 Making & attaching a mask cord tab 

23 Fixing a mask cord

8 Connecting foil/epee wires to socket

18 Sewing a hole closed

10 Repairing a foil tip that's coming apart