As Ace Ventura would say, "well aaaaaallllllrighty, then!"

This is the list of H.O.M. event appearances for the 2017-18 season, as of 8/16/17.  They change as the season progresses, so check back often.

To start off with...hours at the home base in Burbank:

Tues-Thurs, 6pm-9pm (but I can wait if you call ahead).  Note that I also instruct and have a sabre class from 7-8 on Wednesdays.

Fri at a different location (Granada Pavilion, 11128 Balboa, Granada Hills, CA) from 4pm-7pm, but I'm a) teaching and b) the gear's not with me.

Saturday (IF I am not at one of the events listed below) in Burbank, 9am-1pm (again, I can wait if need be)

And now, the list....the links will take you to the AskFRED page where you can get directions.  Feel free to call me at 818-567-2280 if you get lost...sometimes the directions don't lead you to the actual venue.

AskFred links added as they go up on AskFred.


Sept 2, Desert Fencing Academy (Palm Desert, CA)

Sept 9-10, Meade H. Anderson Memorial RYC (Los Angeles, CA).   Note:  We are NOT vending this event...HOM is the event armorer.
Sept 16. College of the Desert (Palm Desert, CA)
Sept 17, Gryphon Fencing Club (Placentia, CA)
Sept 23-24, Armoring for Alliance Fencing Gear at the Northridge RYC

Oct 7, Hemet HS (Hemet, CA)
Oct 8, Chaminade HS (West Hills, CA)
Oct 15, Gryphon Fencing Club (Placentia, CA) (Tentative...might be armoring another event)
Oct 22, TBD

Oct 28, Collegiate event UC Riverside (Riverside, CA)

Nov 19, Gryphon Fencing Club (Placentia, CA)

Dec 3, Harvard-Westlake HS (Studio City, CA)
Dec 10, Gryphon Fencing Club (Placentia, CA) (Tentative...might be armoring another event)


Jan 21, Chaminade HS (West Hills, CA)
Jan 27, Hemet HS (Hemet, CA)
Jan 28, TBD

Feb 25, Chaminade HS (West Hills, CA)

Mar 18, TBD

Apr 14, Hemet HS (Hemet, CA) 
Apr 15, Gryphon Fencing Club (Placentia, CA)
Apr 29, Harvard-Westlake HS (Studio City, CA)

May 12, College of the Desert (Palm Desert, CA)

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