H.O.M. provides a full range of sales and armory services.

Fencers from beginners dipping their toes in the water at their first tournament to experienced competitors en route to a World Cup can be outfitted from head to toe, from cord to weapon, from regular level gear to FIE.


equipment sales

Updated 2/11/20

Armory Services

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Armory diagnosis and repair, all three weapons, body cord, floor cords, floor reels, and in limited cases, scoring boxes.

Rates:  $15 + parts on most items.

Armory experience since 2001:

Official armorer:  San Bernardino Division / Southern California Scholastic Fencing League

Event armorer: Numerous events in SoCal, Orange Coast, San Bernardio, CenCal divisions / LAIFC RJCC / Norseca/USA pentathlon championships

Associate armorer:  Numerous RYC/SYC events, pentathlon world cup, NAC/Summer Nationals